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I Wear Red!

Did you know that February is "Love Your Heart Month"?

In 2004, the American Heart Association (AHA) came up with the Go Red for Women Campaign. The campaign, a passionate, emotional, social initiative designed to empower women to take charge of their heart health.

The AHA encourages women to wear red, or "Go Red" the first Friday in February to continue to bring awareness of how deadly this disease is to women.

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the US. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of comercials, events or educations sharing this information. In fact, only 55% of women know that Heart disease is the number killer, thinking biggest danger is breast cancer.

I wear red in February and make it my mission to share the importance of "loving your heart" and having a healthy/happy heart. I share my knowlege as a Cardiovasculare nurse of the importance of knowing the healthy numbers... The healthy Cholesterol numbers, healthy Blood Pressure numbers, and healthy Weight numbers. I encourage women not only to know their numbers but to know how to keep their numbers healthy.

Based on AHA research, a woman who Goes Red:

  • follows an exercise routine

  • eats healthier diet

  • visits her doctor for important tests

  • and influences others by talking about heart health.

Massage and other bodyworks are other ways to "Love Your Heart" during the month of February. A one hour session helps stimulate the Parasympathetic System bringing about relaxation, a reduction in heart rate, a reduction in adrenaline and cortisol secretion and an increase in circulation... all good stuff for the heart.

So during the month of February, I encourage women to educate themselves on the dangers of heart disease in women and get to know their numbers. I also encourage women to book and receive a relaxing session of a bodywork of their chose.

"Go Red for Women"!

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